Dang Bars are a Keto Certified plant based snack bar that is made by the same company that makes other delicious snacks including coconut chips and sticky rice chips (not keto friendly). I first tried these at work, where we had them as a snack. Each lemon matcha flavored bar has 5 net carbs, 3 grams sugar, and 9 grams protein, and are available on their website. I haven’t seen them in stores near me (yet) but their other products are available in many super markets so it may only be a matter of time.

Plant based keto bars?

These are the only plant based keto bars I’ve ever seen, and the fact that they are plant based features heavily in their marketing. The bar contains pea protein, as well as almonds and sunflower seeds to provide protein. Some people prefer whey protein to pea protein, because it has more BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which may help build muscle. Some of the ingredients, like coconut, contain some natural sugar, but the bars are also sweetened with Stevia.

I really enjoy the taste of the Lemon Matcha Dang Bar. It doesn’t taste artificial to me, the way some protein bars can taste and I like the added crunch of the nuts a sunflower seed pieces. It has a light lemon flavor with the right amount of sweetness. I don’t really taste any matcha, but I don’t mind that. I’m interested in ordering different flavors, but worried that they will taste so good that I will eat too many of them! The bars are slightly crumbly so they do tend to make crumbs when you eat them.

Macros (Lemon Matcha Flavor): 5 net carbs (3 sugar), 15 grams fat, 9 grams protein

Availability: You can order from the website at dangfoodscom . They come as a box of 12 for $33.20, which comes out to about $2.76 per bar. It’s rather expensive, but I like that they allow you to order a combo pack to try all flavors.

My Taste Rating: 4.5/5. I really enjoy the taste of these bars and I really enjoy them lemon flavor. I notice a slight aftertaste from the stevia.

My Texture Rating: 4/5. Again, I really enjoy the texture. I like that there are crunchy bits in the bar. The crumbliness tends to make a bit of a mess, which is why I’m taking of one point.

Overall: 4.5 / 5 . It’s really hard for me to find any fault with these. I’m hoping they start selling them individually in stores, so you can try them out without buying an entire box. I’ve seen them included in keto snack boxes, so that may be a way to try them without committing to buying 12. If you are looking for plant based keto snack, or just want to try a new keto bar, I recommend you give them a shot!

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