I finally received my long-anticipated keto cereal after a month of waiting! I ordered cereal from the Cereal School and was so excited to try it! I love keto breakfasts like eggs and bacon, and keto pancakes, but sometimes I crave a nice bowl of cereal with some ice cold milk. I was very excited to dig into my cereal and see if keto cereal, at 1 total carb (and about 0 net carbs) could really taste good. Should you order too? Read on for my review!

Keto Cereal…

I was super excited to dig into my cereal. I ordered the “Fruity” flavor. The box contained 12 single serving packages. I decided to try it both dry, and with cold almond milk. When I took my first bite, I was shocked. Crispy, crunchy, and sweet, just like real cereal. But then, I was disappointed. At first, the cereal tasted fruity, like fruit loops at first, with a slight lemon or citrus taste. Next there is a bitter, off taste. I thought it was the artificial sweetener, but they use monk fruit, which usually doesn’t have any off taste, so not sure what causes it. It also, paradoxically, has a lack of flavor which can only be described as “cardboard-y”. There also isn’t enough sweetness. It’s much less sweet than real sugar cereal, and since this is supposed to be a replacement, and because of the overall lack of flavor, I think this cereal needs to be a good bit sweeter. It also tended to get stuck in my teeth, which I think is due to the plant fiber used.
Despite the flavor, I found myself going in for more and more until the entire bowl was finished. The crunchiness of the little cereal balls is just so satisfying that I wanted to keep eating it even though I didn’t really like the taste. Another thing I noticed is that this cereal stays much crunchier than conventional cereal. I let some of it hang out in my bowl of milk for a couple minutes to see what would happen, and it was still super crunchy, and only softened very slightly. This is great if you love crunchy cereal, but if you, like me are a weirdo who likes their cereal to soak up milk and get slightly soggy, you will be disappointed.

Macros: 1 total carb (~ 0 net carbs), 3.5 grams fat, 16 grams protein.

Availability: You can order from the website at https://thecerealschool.com . You have to order a minimum of 12 packs for 29.99. There are two flavors, Fruity, and Cinnamon Bun. My order took over a month to arrive.

My Taste Rating: 2/5. The taste isn’t good but isn’t terrible. The taste alone would not be enough for me to buy, or even eat more.

My Texture Rating: 4.5/5. The texture is amazing! I don’t know how they make the cereal so crunchy and crispy. I took off half a point because I like my cereal to soak in milk and this stays crunchy!

Overall: 3/5. Considering all factors, I’m rating it a 3. It’s a fun novelty, with great texture, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering again. It’s also frustrating that you have to order an entire pack of 12 to try it out, but I understand that as an indie food brand that isn’t sold in stores (yet) they can’t really accommodate small orders. They market this ase a good option for kids / picky eaters, but I have a hard time imagining kids would be willing to eat this instead of their sugar cereal. If, however, you are really missing that crispy, crunchy texture of cereal, you might really enjoy this product.

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