Noodle packets containing 2 servings. Each box contains 6 packets.

This review is for a brand of Shirataki noodles called “Heatlhy Noodle”. Shirataki noodles are a traditional type of Japanese noodles that are made with yam fiber. Due to their low carb content, these noodles have become popular in the low carb community. Personally I believe these Shirataki noodles improve on the traditional Shirataki noodles in 2 major ways. One is the smell. Shirataki noodles usually have a strong fishy smell due to the manufacturing process. This can be off putting and the noodles need to be rinsed to remove the smell, and even after rinsing thoroughly I’ve found they still have an unpleasant smell. These noodles by Kibun Foods have very little, if any, odor! This is a total game changer for Shirataki noodles! The second improvement in my opinion is the texture. Traditional Shirataki noodles have a very chewy texture, which I think is difficult to bite through and it’s not the ideal texture for many dishes. The Healthy noodle Shirataki noodles have a soft texture which is very reminiscent of the rice noodles that you find would in Pho or Pad Thai. For me it’s great, but if you are a person that needs your pasta al dente, you probably won’t be a fan of this product.
These noodles are very easy to prepare, they just need to be rinsed and cooked quickly for about 1 minute. They do release some water when cooking, so if you want to avoid releasing water into your sauce or dish, I recommend microwaving them on a plate for one minute and then gently squeezing them dry with a paper towel.


This is what the box looks like at the store

Healthy Noodle by Kibun Foods are available at Costco in my neck of the woods, central Texas. Costco inventory can vary a lot, so definitely check out the Healthy Noodle Facebook page for availability, or call your local Costco to check. Each box of noodles contains 6, 2 serving packets. The noodles are in the refrigerated section, and they have a long shelf life of several months.


The ingredients for Kibun Foods Healthy Noodle are Water, Soybean Fiber Powder, Cellulose, Sodium Alginate, Yam Konjac Powder, Calcium Chloride, and Salt. I know some people may be trying to avoid soy products or may be allergic to soy, so I want to call out that these do contain soy fiber. For me, soy is not a concern so I don’t have a problem with these ingredients.

Ingredients and nutrition facts for Kibun Foods Healthy Noodle


Each 4 ounce serving contains 1 net carb, 0 gram of fat and 0 grams of protein. It contains 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving. I think these are a good choice to have with a high fat sauce. I’ve served these with cream sauce and made keto pasta carbonara with them. Overall their low carb count makes them a good noodle replacement with little impact to carb intake

Texture and taste

Healthy Noodle tossed with sautéed mushrooms, butter, and parmesan cheese

As I stated above the texture of these is very similar to rice noodles. The noodles are completely tasteless. This makes these a great vehicle for delicious sauces and also makes them versatile for use in Western and Asian style dishes. I’ve added them to homemade pho and ramen, used them to make carbonara, Chinese style stir fries, and cheesy pasta. The only limit to these noodles is your imagination!

Overall Rating

I give these noodles a 5 out of 5! What can I say, I love noodles, and the ease and convenience of these is awesome. I’m so happy that they have improved upon the traditional Shirataki noodles to make something that can really act as a noodle substitute. I also love how versatile they are – you can use them for Italian dishes, in an Asian stir fry, or add them to soups. These are something I definitely stock up on whenever I see them at Costco and keep them on hand for our meals.

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